She is 102 now so to her technology is amazing.

As a carer its extremely hard not to form great relationships with clients; some clients you bond with more. This particular beautiful lady had a number of falls and was in hospital before returning to her home. She lives alone her son lives aboard and her nephew is miles away.

I think I was one of the first carers to go to her she wasn’t keen on excepting help at first, so I decided to sit and chat each and every time I went there. After this first day she would let me do a little bit more each time and now there is not much she will not let me help her with. I can only imagine how incredibly hard it is to go from looking after yourself completely to needing help with most things. She wasn’t able to cook meals anymore as she was worried she would fall again. We talked about having hot meals delivered and started with 2 meals a week to see if she would like them.  A week later she was having a hot meal every day – eating ready meals day in and day out can’t have been very nice.

We can both talk for hours about random stuff that not everyone wants to listen to. Over the years I’ve managed to help this lady with regular video phone calls to her family which absolutely blows her mind. She is 102 now so to her technology is amazing. It is something we so often take for granted and a true blessing for her. She is not able to hear her son on the phone but being able to do these screen-to-screen calls with her lights up her face every single time. I have to repeat what he says sometimes but we laugh about it.

Sometimes the smallest of things can be incredibly helpful to someone living on their own. I help her with her Christmas cards, writing as she finds it hard to write. I do her shopping I make sure her house is clean and tidy as I know that this is something she would have taken great pride in when she was able to do it herself. We play games to keep her mind active. YES she always wins lol. She loves to listen about the things my children are doing. She also loves to tell me all her childhood memories and story do I hear them often? Yes I absolutely do. Do I mind listening to the same story over and over again? No I don’t. Does it matter that the story might change? Nope not at all. I’m listening because I want to. I’m there for her because I want to be. Do I go above and beyond my care roll? Yes I do.

And I wouldn’t change this in away way.

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